Thursday, 8 March 2012

My top 5 Breastfeeding "tools"

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This is my first experience breastfeeding a baby, although Benjamin is my second child. My first pregnancy I had issues regarding this whole area of parenting, so when it came to being pregnant with Ben, I was adamant I wanted to breastfeed,but I had no idea what to expect. Anyway we are 5 days shy of 10 months nursing, and along the way these few things have proved invaluable me.

iPhone: I swear Steve Jobs had nursing Mums in mind when he invented this wonderful gadget. With my Kindle app installed I can read, I can check the news, I can check out facebook,blog, I can chat with my friends, play words with friends. Night feeds are no longer lonely. Multi-tasking at it's best.

Why did no one tell me how HUNGRY I was going to be? I am constantly eating, even now, 10 months on. Especially during the night feeds. I fear my dentist is not going to be very pleased with me. Digestives are my friend:)

Not so much during the day, but at night I drink SO much water. Always thirsty, if I don't drink enough, by 7pm my head is absolutely splitting open. Nursing really is hard work on the body.

Apologies to my male readers, but I have FAST milk flow, and a very good supply. I leak. If Ben doesn't have much at one feed, and the pad is not positioned correctly, then milk starts flowing. It's messy! Sometimes if it has been a while since a feed, I only have to be near him or look at him for my let down to be activated! Thankful for this invention;)

Lastly I am SO thankful for my amazing support network I have, both online and in real life. I often go to a breastfeeding support group at the local Children's centre. It gives me a chance to meet other new mums and to get support from trained support workers if I need it, and I have needed it on occasions. One friend in the United States has been a MASSIVE support to me. Her very pro-nursing stance has been passed along to me, and she has a wealth of knowledge & experience that I can draw on (she is currently nursing her 3rd baby). She has given me advice, support and an ear when I have needed it.

What an amazing journey this last 10 months has been. When I am nursing Benjamin, no one is closer to me emotionally than He is. I am enjoying this new relationship in a way I never thought possible. I look forward to continuing as long as Benjamin wants.


  1. McVitie's Digestives are SO GOOD; it's probably a good thing {for me} they are not readily available in this country.

  2. A smart phone is a DEFINITE plus when you re nursing for hours on end. I don't think mine left my hand for the first 6 months!

  3. Use my iphone all the time! Especially as a light in the middle of the night! :)

  4. I couldn't believe how hungry and thirsty I was either! People said to eat and drink, but I don't think you can prepare for it.


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