I'm Aly, I am 36 and struggling to accept that I am only 4 years away from 40! In my other life I'm a primary school teacher. But this is my real life. Married to Tim for 8 years, together for 17. We live in the UK in the Midlands.

We have Noah who is 3 1/2, obsessed by Cars the movie, Peppa Pig, Milk, bouncing and going to Disneyland. He does not sleep well!

Benjamin is almost 1 and is starting to find out that he can create lots of havoc with his new skills in mobility. He likes to laugh, being tickled and the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song.

Harry is a 13 year old puss, who thinks he is actually 2. He demands lots of fuss and attention, but is a fab cat. He gets teased by Noah. A lot.

We love the outdoor life; snowboarding, skiing, hiking, camping and travelling. My personal interests are reading, music, films, blogging and  cooking. {Read eating} I originally started this blog to document my return to the classroom after having Noah. But then I got pregnant again and started another maternity leave. So now it is a journal of our life raising hell, err i mean 2 boys, so that one day they will have something to look back on at the chaos and the love.

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