Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Brand loyalty

When it comes to certain products, I will only buy branded items. Like ketchup has to be Heinz. Hot chocolate is always Cadbury (well most chocolate fixes are sorted by Cadbury). Tea is always Yorkshire tea, cereal is Kelloggs.

This used to be the case with nappies. Since Noah's birth we have tried Huggies, Pampers, cloth, supermarket own brands, and for two years Huggies suited us best. Once he got into the biggest size I found Pampers were the best nappy. So with that in mind, when Benjamin came along it was Pampers that we brought. Initially when his cord stump was still there, they would leak as the nappy couldn't be done up properly. But since then we have had no issues with them.

However, last week, in the interest of budgeting, due to maternity allowance ending, I tried Boots own nappies. The baby event where you get 3 for 2 is on, and there is a £3 difference per pack between Boots and Pampers. So I brought Boots. BIG mistake. Without fail each morning Benjamin would wake up and the nappy had leaked through all his layers of clothes and sleeping bag.

So I took the size 3 and swapped them for a size 4 thinking that maybe they were a bit too small for him (they are slightly smaller than Pampers size 3). However, even a bigger size will not go through the night without a leak. This morning it was 3am and he woke up complaining, his nappy had leaked and my fresh bed linen was also soaked:(

So today I will trek back to Boots to replace the nappies with Pampers. They may well be £3 more expensive, but there is obviously a reason! They work!

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