Friday, 23 March 2012

8 years ago today, we did...

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary!

8 years ago today, on a snowy early spring morning, Tim and I went to the Rathaus in Zell-Am-See in Austria, and in front of 11 friends and family members we got married. We didn't promise for better or worse, in sickness and in health and all that jazz. The Austrian celebrant talked to us in German. What he said is anyones guess:) He then asked "Alison, do you want to marry Tim?" "Tim do you want to marry Alison?". We said "yes", he said more German things, then told us we we were married.

It was a perfect day. It snowed, which continued for the remainder of the holiday, we we taken by horse drawn carriage to the Rathaus which looked like a castle. The horses stunk, and the Grappa the men who were in charge of the horses gave us had horse hair in it. Nice. Japanese tourists took our pictures when we came out of the Rathaus after the ceremony. The ceremony was short, but lovely. The picture above showing me with my arm in the air is my reaction to being pronounced man and wife:)

After the ceremony we all went to a gorgeous hotel over looking the lake, had a fabulous meal, lots of champagne and drinks and spent the afternoon chatting.

We went back to the chalet for more champagne and wedding cake, then that evening we all changed from the wedding outfits, and went for schnitzel & steak and spent the evening in one of the apr├Ęs ski bars having a bloody good night out.

The next day was spent on the ski slopes, as was the week previous and the remainder of the wedding week. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding.


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