Thursday, 1 March 2012


So March is upon us already.

Almost one quarter of the year done already. A busy month it will be too. This is my last month as being mid 30's. In April I officially become nearer to 40 than 30:( We also celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this month. It's gone so fast, the road trip out to get married in Austria seems like last year! The clocks also go forward at the end of this month, which I am dreading, it's hard enough to get Noah to go to bed when it's dark at 7pm. When it stays light until 10pm it's nigh on impossible. I've noticed it's still slightly light when I am getting Benjamin to bed now. But March brings Spring. The last couple of days it has been really nice to be able to go for a walk with Ben in the pushchair wearing a hoodie instead of a coat. I can feel my mood lifting already.

Today was World Book Day. In my previous life as a primary school teacher I loved this day. A chance to dress up with the kids, a day of work that was different slightly from the usual curriculum stuff that we did the rest of the year, and on the nursery run this morning I saw so many little kids walking dressed as their favourite character. Noah's pre-school didn't do anything to celebrate this year, so I made the effort to join the three of us at the local library (it's taken me 12 months since we moved to get round to changing address on my ID so we can join). But in the spirit of WBD join we did. Although it was sad to hear that we can not be a part of the story sessions as they are aimed at 3+ and they will not permit 10 month old Benjamin, to sit on my lap and be there:(

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