Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mummy I've done a poo!

Ugh! The 5 words I hate to hear!

We spent Christmas week potty training Noah. He did well. He should have done. This was the third time we had attempted it and he was 38 months old! Within a couple of weeks he was telling me before he needed to go and he made it to the potty on time. Then after Christmas and the return to nursery came. I filled his bag with dry changes of clothes, and surprisingly he has only needed a few changes in almost 3 months.

However. The last two weeks have seen a return to pooing in the pants:/ I hate this. My body involuntarily heaves when I have to remove said soiled pants without dropping the poo on the floor, then navigate my way to the bathroom to dispose of the poo! Why has this started to happen again? I know when he is doing it as he hides behind the sofa. It seems to be late afternoon/evening that it happens mostly. Although during the day on Monday we did have to have 2 new sets of clothes:/ Tiredness? Laziness? Attention seeking?

Who knows, but I hope we get back on track soon.

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