Friday, 2 March 2012

Then & Now: Friday night

Quite often I find myself remembering "the good old days". Days before marriage and kids came along. Sometimes random memories will pop into my head when I'm waiting for the traffic lights to turn from red to green. Sometimes a snippet of an old song will put me right back to where I was when I first heard it, or I can remember something I was doing at the time I was listening to it.

So I thought I would start a little series within this blog trying to draw comparisons between LBK (life before kids) and LAK (life after kids). So to start the proceedings; Friday night!

As an 18 year old Friday night meant one thing: party time with my friends. Getting dressed up, having wine/Bacardi as I'm getting ready, listening to music, not going out until 10pm! What was that about? Meet at The Land Oak, on to Mirage afterwards. LAK: I'm lucky if I'm still awake at 10pm!

When I started work, the count down to Friday began at 731am on a Monday morning (I started work at 730am). I loved Thursdays, as I loved the " tomorrow is Friday feeling". Friday at work seemed more relaxed. We would often go to the pub for lunch, and it's amazing how quickly an afternoon can pass after a couple of cheeky lunchtime drinks. Out the door at 330pm, Tim would be home by 5, by 6 we were on our way to the pub to meet friends.

Once we started living together Friday's were all about the same group of friends at the same pub, followed sometimes by a club. I remember one extremely drunk evening, drinking 2 bottles of wine to myself in 40 minutes, and ended the evening not being allowed back in to a bar as the curfew had passed, Tim still being inside and me not being able to contact his phone. When he eventually came out (angry that his night had been cut short) on the walk home I tripped over nothing, and cut my face and shoulder!

The feeling of "being free" from work was amazing. I used to have a giddy high if I knew we were going out, although there was the odd occasion when I just really couldn't be bothered. LAK: giddy high when both kids are asleep by 730pm!

Fast forward to now! How different Friday is. Take tonight for example. It took me an hour to get Benjamin to go to bed. By which point it is 730, I haven't eaten dinner and am starved. Noah goes up to bed at 750, (Tim is still sitting waiting for him to go to sleep at 855!) at which point I retreat to a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a copy of "The Hunger Games". Heaven! Normally we have a box set on the go, we have worked our way through Dexter season 1-5 and are currently awaiting the return of season 6, Breaking Bad 1 and 2 and 24, season 1-3.

How different to 5 years ago. But, I wouldn't change it for anything. Yes, I moan and whinge constantly about how tired I am, that Noah's behaviour is driving me insane, but I think that's par for the course of parenthood. If I actually had the energy to go out, where on earth would I go? To a club filled with teenagers and 20 & 30 somethings trying to pretend they are still teenagers, getting drunk and trying to pull? No thanks! The effort required to get ready to go out isn't worth it for me. And I hate the idea of trying to look after a 3 year old and a 9 month old on a Saturday with a hangover! UGH!

I'm much happier to sit at home, have a nice steak and glass of wine followed by a bath and an early night on a Friday now.

Were your Friday's better then or are they better now?


  1. Sounds familiar!

    I much prefer my Friday evenings (and every other evening!) now! Clubbing and getting drunk just doesn't hold its appeal at all anymore; snuggles with baby, putting him to bed, sofa, my man, takeaway and a glass of wine? Perfect evening! :)


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