Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Things my kids says #2

This week Noah has been contemplating body parts. The conversations have gone like this:

Noah: "why do you have boobies Mummy?"
Me: "to feed my baby"
Noah:"when I get big boobies like yours, I will feed my baby but my boobies are small now"

Noah: "I got a little willy like Ben. When I'm big I'll have a big willy like daddy" (crouches down and puts hand on floor to indicate where it will go)

Noah "do girls have willies?"
Noah: "why not?"
Me: "what do you want for lunch?"

SO not ready for THAT discussion.


  1. Ha ha ha! They made me laugh. Bet your husband loved the second one ;)

  2. Having recently told her 4 year old son the correct biological term for body parts- my friend then saw him with his hand in his pants and asked him to go and wash his hands. His reply- "But mummy- i was only touching my spectacles..."


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