Friday, 13 April 2012

11 months grown

Today Benjamin is 11 months old. Already.

I know everyone says it: "I can't believe how fast time is going". There's a reason it's a cliche. But seriously, these 11 months have flown by. I have tried so hard to cling to his newborn and baby days. To savour each moment. I am 90% sure Benjamin is our last baby, so I have wanted to enjoy every moment possible. At each step there has been a lump in my throat; packing away the premature baby clothes,then his nb and 0-3. Each time he has gone up a nappy size. This week he has used his infant carrier for the last time and is now in his forward facing car seat.

It looked so strange to look in my rear view mirror and see two little boys looking back at me rather than just Noah. Each step is a step further away from him being a baby. He is commando crawling like crazy. He is all over the place. He is becoming very vocal, and he certainly knows what he wants and what he doesn't want.

As hard as it is to leave his baby days behind, I am excited about him becoming a boy. Learning to walk, learning to talk, playing with his big brother. Doing all the things with him that I enjoyed doing with Noah.

The countdown is on: 30 days until my baby turns 1!!!!!

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