Thursday, 3 May 2012

I'm having a social media meltdown

Once upon a time I had a Sony Ericsson K700i. I loved that phone. It brought me text messages from my friends. It played my music for me. This made me happy. Oh, the good old days!

Then two years ago I got an iPhone. This was the start of my downfall. This wonderful gadget that allows me to go online whenever I want. The first app I downloaded was Facebook. Let's face it, it's a rubbish app that stops working more than it works. But I had instant knowledge of what my friends were doing 24/7. No more waiting for my Pcsaurus to boot up. Bam! Instantaneous gossip! I knew who was having a cup of tea, how many sugars they had in it, who was hungover and who was watching some random crap on tv. They had the same knowledge of me. It was also a great way around Facebook being blocked at work. Now I could Facebook during my breaks. Yay! Thank You Steve Jobs:)

Iphone: the fuel to my social networking addiction

Then I discovered Twitter. Let me say right now to those who say I am on Facebook too much; I tweet WAY more than I update my status. Two years ago I had zero tweets. Now I'm nearing 17,000. I have made some amazing friends and Twitter is a big part of my day. {slightly less so right now as I'm taking a bit of a break}.

Last year along came Google+, and Pinterest, {easily two of the most addictive things ever} & me resurrecting my blog.

Two years ago when I woke in the mornings, I would check Facebook, my beloved pink place {which by the way, can take a good hour to catch up with sometimes} read the news headlines and check my email. Simples!

Cut to now, it goes like this: Facebook,, Twitter {nearly always 1000+ tweets from my chatter box friends to plough through-lately I don't have time to read ALL of them}, pink place, Pinterest, email, news headlines, and then Blogger to catch up on blogs I'm following.

I'm worn out before I've stepped out of bed. Reading through blogs in the day I get sidetracked following links to other blog posts/Pinterest pages/Instagrams, then I can't remember where I was originally. Then there is promoting my own blog on various sites, it's a full time job this social networking.

My poor Mummy hormone riddled baby brain is finding it hard to keep up. But I LOVE social networking, I love the interaction in various forms. I love that I have friends all around the world, and in some cases using Facebook and Twitter is the only way we have to keep in touch. Really I'm just nosey, and have a tendency to over share the details of my life.

You can find me at my various social networking sites by pushing the cute little buttons on the left hand side of my blog.

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  1. Oh, I can so totally relate to this post!! Even though I have not been blogging and social networking for that long (baby blogger) it is sooo addictive!
    Found you on 'bloggy mums' by the way and love your blog ;-)


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