Monday, 1 March 2010

All about us...

Noah was born two and a half weeks early on October 4th 2008. During his first year he has suffered lactose intolerance, reflux which was medicated with Infant Gaviscon and major bouts of colic.

The biggest thing of this last year was a diagnosis of severe plagiocephaly with secondary severe bracycephaly. Due to the position he was in whilst I was carrying him, and a prolonged second stage of labour, he suffered from an undiagnosed torticollis, (shortening of the neck muscle )which meant he could only turn his head to the left and has therefore meant as his head grew it became flattened on the left side. Another huge part of this condition is Noahs inability to sleep "properly". Due to pressures in his head caused by the plagio and torticollis he suffers from discomfort making him a fitful sleeper and very early riser,which is doing nothing for my sanity.

As a result of this, he has to wear a helmet 23 hours a day to correct the shape of his head .He has been wearing this for 6 months now and so far his head has altered by 7mm. Part of his treatment means monthly visits to the clinic to be measured, and fortnightly visits to an Osteopath for treatment for his torticollis. Both trips are 100 miles round trip.I anticipate he will wear this band for at least a year.

I am 33, and a qualified Primary school teacher, but am currently training to teach English to non native speakers. This is part of a plan myself and my husband and Noah have to emmigrate to Canada. I was on maternity leave for 18 months and have this week returned to work.

This is the story of my return to the classroom, and how it fits into our insanely busy but wonderful life.

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