Thursday, 4 March 2010

From lovely to the grumps!

Yesterday was check up day. I used to like these days, it's a lot of driving, but it gets us out of the house. When my Dad used to drive us there, we would stop for a coffee on the way back, but now it's just Me and Noah. The drive feels long and the motorway is boring. Noah cried for most of the M50, even 20 minutes of Mummy singing "The Wheels on the bus" did little to enhance his mood, and this is normally a firm favourite! and then again from Ross to Hereford. It's not so much fun these days, it feels like a chore, and to drive for just over an hour for a 10 minute appointment seems daft.

We used to go to Osteopathy on a different day to the LOC check up, but as it's such a long way we now combine the two, which makes for a long and tiring day for Noah.

This month he hasn't made any progress. Rachel, his clinician expects him to have a growth spurt around 18/19 months and hopefully then the growth spurt will mean a reduction in his assyemtry. So currently he is still 11mm assyemetrical, which is down from 18mm in September when he started treatment. But she says his rotation is getting better in his neck and he looks like he is moving more easily when turning to the right.

Osteopathy was fine, although again the progress is so painfuly slow. At the bottom left of his skull, his sutures are jammed and everytime the Osteopath tries to apply pressure to release them Noah moves his head. As he now has 12 teeth, quite rightly he is reluctant to apply more direct pressure through his mouth for fear of losing fingers!

Although the drive was not fun and Noah was whingy, overall yesterday was a lovely day. Noah was in jolly spirits once I had gotten him out of the car, and we stopped in on a friend I hadn't seen for a good couple of years for a coffee and chat on the way back.Noah took great pleasure in practising his furniture removal skills and fishing for rubbish in the bin in his office:)It was was a nice way to end our day out.

However, today has not been so fun! Noah woke at 330am this morning and cried for the best part of an hour and a half. I ended up giving him calpol to settle him! I wonder if i am too free and easy with this stuff? Normally the Osteopathy makes him sleepy, so I was a bit in the dark as to why after a good three weeks of sleeping until at least 6 he has suddenly woken up so early again.

Due to my extreme tiredness this morning, I was grumpy and cross, and Noah's behaviour didn't help matters. Hair pulling, smacking me and also hitting my cup so my hot cup of tea got dumped in my lap - all before 8am! I told him off and lost my cool, something after my day of being away from him on Monday, I promised myself I wouldn't do! The wailing started as soon as we got to Nursery, and I could still hear him when I walked back to the car. But we have progress - when I picked him up they said he had eaten a tiny bit of fruit and had a drink, which is better than the last 3 times when he ate and drank nothing.

This afternoon wasn't much fun either, Noah only slept for 45 minutes this afternoon, so by the time i had dropped off he was awake and screaming again! We went to see a friend over the road, where I discovered the cause of the 330 alarm call - their car alarm had gone off waking Noah and their baby too!

I hope for a better night tonight and better day tomorrow. I don't want to have to wish for a day at work to give me a break :)

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