Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New sleeping routine

Today was our second visit to the sleep clinic, this visit was all about getting Noah's new sleeping routine and talking through it with the sleep support worker. I am not at all surprised by what was on the sleep plan we were given, mostly it's what we are already doing as part of his routine anyway. There are a couple of differences in it, which are aimed at getting Noah more involved I guess. To be honest, it seems like she has not given us anything different to what we have been given before, and to what we are already doing. So here it is:

Daytime Sleeps

  • Offer Noah a day-time sleep after midday meal and following 1/2 hour quiet time/play, downstairs with tv off, then
  • take upstairs to bedroom
  • offer a drink, then put down
  • read a story on my lap - say "night night go to sleep"
  • Sit with Noah - no eye contact, no talking
  • if not settling after 15 minutes, get Noah up

Evening routine.

  • 4pm - Play/tv
  • 5-545 - Dinner time followed by 1/2 hour play or walk with daddy
  • 630 Quiet time/reading - no tv/toys
  • 700 Upstairs for bath/wash, change in to night clothes. Into bedroom, story on lap, offer drink and put down
  • (help Noah put his teddy to bed in a shoe box, have a photo of Mummy,Daddy & Benjamin in his room)
  • Give Noah a cuddle and settle him into bed saying "night night go to sleep". Sit a short distance from Noah's bed and sit with him until he falls asleep - no talking, no eye contact, be robotic! If distressed quietly settle then resume.
Night Waking

Quietly settle noah, check his nappy/drink. Avoid taking into parents bed


Allow an hour each morning in parents bed before getting up.

We have also been given a large sun and moon to have on his wall, he stays in bed if the moon is there, up when the sun is there. (Much like the groclock that he constantly ignored when that was in use!)

For each night that he settles properly he gets a star, and gets treats after so many stars.

Apart from the teddy bear in the shoe box, this doesn't differ hugely from what we have been doing, so forgive me if I seem skeptical about how this will change his sleep habits. I am not looking forward to giving up my evenings again to sit with him until he falls asleep, given that when we were doing this before he would hold on and hold on until 10/1030pm!

For this week she has said to just settle him initially in his own bed, if he does wake in the night to take him in to our room. To do it all at once is too much. 

So we will see how it goes. 

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