Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Slummy vs Yummy.

A thread on my "pink place" was started a couple of days ago with the title "Yummy or Slummy". It's been a good read, and quite humorous, but it fits in perfectly with my blog-about the pressures of modern day Mummyhood and how we can "do it all".

I am relieved to discover a lot of my friends are the same as me, and not conforming to the label "yummy mummy". I was starting to think I may be the only one with unshaven legs, washing up piling up on the kitchen counter and lasts nights dinner welded to the crockery.

I have to ask the question about the "yummy mummies": what quality time do they have with their children? Do they enjoy the wonderfulness that is messy play? Do their children create masterpieces on the dining room table ( emphasis on the table, not paper) do they tread on mega blocks or stub their toe on the ride on fire engine?

My house may not look like a show home, I certainly do not look like a supermodel, but I have fun with my children, and to me that's the most important thing.

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