Monday, 23 January 2012

Full circle

So here we are.

At the same point I was when I started this blog, about to go back to work. This 9 months has flown by, although technically I have had a year off due to sick leave. I feel sad as I am unable to give Benjamin the year of one on one time I gave Noah. I also feel slightly excited about what the future holds, due to stuff in the pipeline, which shall remain untold at this point, pending outcome.

I will actually only be working 2 days (if THAT call comes in) at the moment,supply teaching, so to soften the blow, I shall call myself a stay at home mummy who sometimes works in a school;)

How I will cope teaching on 3 broken hours sleep a night remains to be seen. I am nervous to leave Benjamin, how am I going to find time to express enough milk to leave for the day? Will the 2 days a week of him having bottled expressed breast milk lessen our bond? Will he get too used to a bottle and want to stop breast feeding? I hope not, I'm nowhere near ready to stop feeding him.

However, having said that, real life happens, Mummies have to work, bills have to be paid. The upside of work is getting to pay debts off, take the boys on nice holidays etc...

Here goes...

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