Monday, 20 February 2012



I have had "the call".

Tomorrow I work!

My first day in a classroom in 14 months. I'm torn. Part of me is thinking "hurrah, a bit of normality is starting to creep back into my life". "Money, yes". But there is another part of me thinking "nooooo".

Nervous is how I am mainly feeling. I am not sure I can remember how to teach. I havn't really had to use my maths brain for over a year. I can't keep one three year old in check, can I remember how to keep 30 Year 1 pupils on the straight and narrow?

The other thing I am really worried about is having to work on the back of between 3-5 nursing wake ups from Benjamin. It's one thing to be up all night and being at home in the day, its another thing to have to go to work and be on form!

Here goes...

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  1. Hi! I couldn't find another way to contact you, so I figured I would just comment on your post. You asked where I got my badges on my blog - Laura's Crafty Life? I made them on Photoshop actually!If you do a google image search for twitter badge, facebook badge, etc. you will be able to find some cute ones!


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