Wednesday, 22 February 2012

So I deem yesterday as a...

good success. Not brilliant,but a positive enough start to being back at work.

Honestly, I didn't think it would be. Monday night was not so hot. The kids seemed to have picked up on my aprehensive vibes, both were still awake at 830pm, I hadn't eaten the yummy dinner Tim had made for me, and I had only managed to express 4oz of milk for Benjamin - enough for 1 feed. I was stressing about leaving him without enough milk for the day, about going to work after being awake all night nursing, about my competence after 14 months out of the classroom.

The low point of Monday night was me having a nuclear melt down in the kitchen in front of Tim and my Mum, which included me throwing a roasting tin at some mugs and the breast pump. NOT my finest moment.

However, Benjamin slept from 10pm-5am! HURRAH! Getting a decent amount of sleep, and i slept rather than the usual back to school insomniac night, made a huge difference.

The day was a usual Key Stage 1 day; numeracy, literacy, art, play, reading, punctuated every hour by playtime and lunchtime to break the day up nicely (one of the many reasons I hate key stage 2, the afternoon is so very long). The children were lovely, the school nicer than I imagined, although I was miffed at paying for my cup of tea at break, to have to tip it down the sink as it was too hot to drink  in time and hot drinks were not allowed in the classroom.

However, I failed to remember to turn the lights off on my car so my battery was flat when I went to go home. Doh! But, the breakdown people were there within 10 minutes and I found myself humming to myself whilst sat in traffic on the way home. My mood was somewhat lighter the rest of the evening, and Tim even comented on how positive I seemed.

Maybe working is good for me?

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