Friday, 24 February 2012

My Pink Place rocks! Amazing friends!

I have written a little bit about my "pink place" before here. Since becoming pregnant with Noah the girls I have met throught this forum have become some of very closest friends. I talked about how we are such an amazing support network for each other, and about how some people often don't believe or think that online friendships can be "real".

I STRONGLY disagree!

Last summer the brother of a very dear friend of mine on the pink place was involved in a tragic car accident. As he was heading to work on his bike, (he lives in Israel) a negligent, careless driver knocked him off his bike.This newly married, father to be, was left paralysed, a tetraplegic, unable to do anything for himself. He is ventilator dependant. This hugely talented brain surgeon who has saved many peoples lives, is now on full time life support,  is unable to hold his newborn son, unable to enjoy the life he should be enjoying, unable to do anything about the pain he is feeling.

It breaks my heart, as it does all the girls, to see his beautiful, loving, generous sister so torn up about not being able to help her dear brother.

D is being transferred to a hospital in the UK that is able to treat him, and his wife and baby boy are coming along too. Today I was catching up on his thread to see his progress, and the girls have started collecting baby equipment/clothes that are no longer being used so that J's sister in law and nephew will have what they need when they arrive. Offers of places to stay for all of them and for J when she comes over have been made by many of the girls.

I challenge anyone to tell me that what we have found are not "real" friendships. The love is immense. It warms my heart to know that a group so scattered around the world as we are, can be so close and so helpful when our friends need it.

That's what "real friends" do for each other.


  1. You lot are fab!! (and I've met some of you all too!!) And from a blokes perspective, it's great to know that Mrs R has loads of peeps around who can answer everything and anything and offer the support you all need.

    Hope to meet J if they are somewhere close by.

    1. Ah..thanks. So are you, I feel very fortunate to include you and Mrs R amongst my friends:)


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