Monday, 12 March 2012

Lottery dreams

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Manic Mommy Monday!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who fantasies about what I would do if I won the lottery. I used to do it a lot more when I was working full time. The last few months have seen 4 British ticket holders win over £40 million in the Euro Millions Lottery. £40m!!! That is an obscene amount of money. I often think when I hear of people winning that much a) well why wasn't it me? after all these people brought a lucky dip and that is what I did. B) Seriously, what ARE they going to do with ALL that money and finally WHY are you going public in the press to advertise that you are now a multi-millionaire? Why not just keep it to yourselves and your nearest and dearest?

This Saturday, inspired by the recent run of luck the Brits seem to be having, I splurged a whole pound and brought a lucky dip for the UK draw on Saturday night. This was an important decision I had to make, because I sacraficed my Saturday night Cadbury's for this ticket that was going to change my life;) I saw a Facebook update from a friend later that evening saying that 6 or 7 people had won, and how disappointing it would be to actually win the jackpot and to share it with 6 others, meaning you only had £600,000. I kind of agreed. Then on our way to my in-laws yesterday, Tim and I were discussing what we would do if our numbers had come up on Saturday and "only" won half a million. I declared it wasn't enough to retire on, as by the time you had paid off your mortgage and credit cards that would be half wiped out. To make £250,000 last for the rest of your natural life, without working doesn't seem doable to me. Tim disagreed, he declared he would retire.

But then I started to list the things I would want to do and I think I would run out of money pretty quickly, (for those who know me well, this should not be a surprise to you) I certainly wouldn't be able to make it last a lifetime without working. Take into account normal living costs; food shopping, petrol, running costs of house, kids needs etc..that's before you add in "luxury" stuff such as NICE holidays, that involve plane travel to far flung destinations rather than the tent in rainy Cornwall (although I do love tenting it), helping out friends/family etc..

I always imagined if I won big I would buy a chalet in my favourite ski resort so we could spend the winter seasons in the snow, I would definitely emigrate from the UK, probably to the States or Australia. I would want to help family and friends so that their lives are comfortable and that they were debt free from here out. I would want to donate to charity, there are a number of Children and baby charities I would like to help.

As predicted, I didn't even get one number. *sigh*. So my life continues as it usually does, trying to do the best by everybody in my life and a head FULL of dreams.

Do you think you could retire on £600,00? What is on your list if you won the lottery?


  1. I seriously doubt I could retire on that. We would love to be able to travel and visit some of our out-of-state family, so that would be done in addition to paying off all our bills. Although if you invest it smartly, then you probably could.

  2. Totally agree with you. Not enough to retire. I would need to go on vacation (we want to go to Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas), pay off student loans, and buy a house.


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