Sunday, 11 March 2012

Things a Mum is not supposed to admit

There are certain things in life you're just not meant to say or own up to. Such as being 35 and still loving Wham or Jason Donovan songs, that when you were 6 you actually asked your Dad to play Cliff Richard. Or worse you used to want to marry Geoffrey from "Rainbow". (certainly not me;)

When I go to playgroup I often hear the other Mummies doing their best to stay positive and talking about how thrilling it is to build the hundredth train track that week, or how engrossed they are when reading the same story ten times in one day or worse how they honestly don't mind the smell of their child's poo!

It's just not on is it to admit (publicly) that sometimes parenthood is just downright boring and monotonous.

So, in the spirit of being honest with you, my reader, I have some confessions.

I hate playing trains/cars/motorbikes.
I find the park boring.
I can only manage 2 stories a day without my eyes glazing over. (and I am a teacher, tut;)
I HATE Justin Fletcher and all the characters he becomes.
I would rather stay home than go out.
I love 5pm because its almost bedtime.
My child watches far too much TV.
I hate the smell of their poo.

I'm sure there are more, but I'm in danger of labelling myself as a bad Mummy so I'll stop;)

Is there anything you pretend to like when you don't to keep in with the good mummy crowd?


  1. the geoffrey from rainbow thing is kinda weird

  2. like mother like daughter. i hated going to the park because you always wanted me to play. ITS FOR KIDS !! xx


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