Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy 1st birthday Benjamin

Today my baby turned 1!

I'm so emotional about this. It's gone SO fast. It's seems to have gone much faster than Noah's first year. Maybe due to me being busy with 2 children and not just 1?

Last night he woke to feed at 2355. So at midnight, when his birthday officially started we were breastfeeding. I thought that was so beautiful.

Yes, we have managed to make it to 1 year with the breastfeeding. I am SO pleased with this. There were two occasions when I thought it was all over, but here we are, still going strong, and in to the second year:)

The morning didn't go as I had planned in my head, and at the last minute our picnic became a carpet picnic, due to weather woes. This afternoon was spent with the Grandparents and aunties, uncle and cousins. The elder kids played on the ride ons in the garden, Benjamin played with a roll of Sellotape, despite having many lovely gifts;) We ate {far too much} cake, had wine and laughed. Brilliant.

Happy birthday my beautiful, amazing, loving, funny, smiley boy. You are loved more than you will ever know, and I don't have an adequete vocabulary to begin to describe how I feel about you. Every day I watch you grow and learn, and everyday I count my blessings that you are my baby boy.

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