Monday, 7 May 2012

Pet hates

Wow! I could be here a while. I have quite a few. But in the interest of not looking like a moaning Minnie I'll stick to my biggest four.

People without children in parent & baby parking bays.

They are there so I can get my kids out of my car a) safely and b) with the door open wide enough to get them out without hitting your car door and possibly damaging it. If you don't have kids or don't have them with you DON'T PARK IN THE BAYS THAT PARENTS NEED TO USE! Likewise, if you have your kids and you're sat in the car whilst your partner runs in to the store, park somewhere else you lazy sod. This is one reason why I started having my shopping delivered. As I get to within a mile of the store, I can feel my anxiety and blood pressure start to creep up. Yes, it is a stupid thing to get worked up about, but I do. I remember being called a "disgusting mother" by one lady after I had words with her about parking her 4x4 in the baby space when she didn't have kids with her.


Never tried it. Always hated being around it. BUT my big hate is seeing parents pushing their children around in their strollers and the parents smoking. Or parents driving cars with their children in and smoking inside the car. I don't understand the addiction as I've never been addicted to it. So you can tell me it's hard to stop blah blah blah. But these days there is no excuse for not knowing the health risks to yourself and others who have to breathe in the second hand smoke. So why even start in the first place? Why would you subject your baby/child to that? Smoking is listed as being one of the biggest no-no's in keeping the risk of SIDS as low as possible, especially for parents who co-sleep. So I really don't understand parents who smoke.

 Whilst I appreciate the ban on smoking in public buildings law that was introduced a few years ago,{remember how awful it was trying to eat a nice meal and the people at the next table were smoking away}, the fact that restaurant/bar owners don't enforce the law that smokers have to be a certain distance from the entrance to the building drives me insane. I HATE having to walk through a crowd of smokers, especially when I have my kids with me to get in to a cafe or restaurant. Honestly now, if I have to do that, I find somewhere else to eat.

Babies drinking tea from bottles

Why? Gross! Kids are not meant to drink tea. It's bad for them. Also the only liquid that should be in a baby bottle is milk or water. Think of your children's teeth! I hate seeing Mums pushing kids in strollers and the kid has a bottle of tea hanging from his mouth. Now, I am aware that this post makes me sound like a total snob and very judgemental but when I see this, my automatic reaction is "chav". Wrong maybe, but that is how it makes me feel.

People who ignore the pay at pump at petrol stations

If there is the option to pay at the pump, why do I have to sit in a huge line of cars whilst their drivers are in the shop lining up to pay at the till, before I can fill up? I know the stereotype of Brits enjoying standing in a queue, but seriously, embrace the technology people!


  1. tea in a bottle??? that's quite sophisticated...they just drink coke here *rolls eyes*

  2. I'm with you on these, can't believe I didn't think of a couple on my list - my list is long

  3. I never even knew that people give tea in a bottle! Insane!!

  4. I've never seen tea in a bottle myself. Mind boggles!

  5. I've never seen tea in bottles either - we must have a better class of chav here!


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